The planing mill

Surface quality that meets the highest requirements.

The planing machines are set up to ensure the greatest possible flexibility and highest surface quality. An online connection to the test bench in the grinding shop guarantees cost-effective set-up times and uniform profile dimensions – even after several years. The use of jointed tools results in a special finish quality.

The sawmill

Fast, flexible and accurate.

Bongossi and Bilinga logs cut in using horizontal band saw in different dimensions.
Special cuttings are available in custom sizes.

The drying kiln

The gentlest possible treatment.

To avoid cracks and warping, we dry the wood especially slowly and gently in our own drying kiln. Freshly carved wood is carefully dried down to the desired wood moisture content. The main types of wood used are Western red cedar, Oregon pine, Hemlock, Ayous and Spruce/Fir.

The grinding room

Where your profile is created to your exact specifications.

We grind all milling cutters, cutter heads and saws, produce templates and grind new profiles ourselves, according to your specifications. All archiving is done on computer, enabling us to remain quick and flexible – just the way you need us to be. In each case, profile data such as thickness, width, spindle position etc. is transferred remotely to the machines for production. Widths of up to 200mm and thicknesses up to 95mm are possible.

The optimising crosscut system

Precision cutting to the nearest millimetre.

The optimising crosscut saw enables fixed-size cutting with a guaranteed precision of +/- 1mm. Battens, beams and profiled boards are cleanly and precisely cut to the desired length. Immediately ready for use, saving time and materials.

Surface finishing

Ready-assembled for interior and exterior use.

We produce a complete collection for interior and exterior use in our own paint shop. Water-based colour systems for opaque and transparent coatings in RAL, metallic and wood shades, as well as grey patina varnish, are available.